SGLD Mediator Applications (Closed)

Mediator applications for HUSTLE are now closed. Late applications may be considered.

Do you love talking about the collisions between art and science? Are you interested in shaping the experience of Science Gallery Lab Detroit's exhibitions? Consider joining our mediator team! We are currently searching for mediators for HUSTLE, our summer 2018 exhibition. Read below to learn more about what a mediator does, and submit your application.


About Mediators:

Mediators are a team of young adults with a passion for talking about science and the arts. The main role of the Mediator is to enhance Science Gallery Lab Detroit’s (SGLD) visitor experience while growing as an individual, and a member of the Detroit community. This can happen through a number of avenues; facilitator, provocateur, communicator, scientist, tour guide — you will find these roles and more all encompassed within what it means to be a Mediator. 

The primary role of Mediators will be to share and discuss your expert knowledge of the current exhibit pieces, along with your knowledge of SGLD and its activities, to the general public. 

This is a temporary position, and the time of employment will be from May 15 - September 15, 2018. Mediators will be paid $15 per hour, and can expect to work 4-8 hour shifts per day, and between 10 to 29 hours/week. You must be 18 or older to apply.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Stay informed and up to date on program content, including taking part in Mandatory Mediator Training Sessions (exhibition-specific and general training)
  • Facilitate & provide a unique visitor experience for patrons attending the exhibitions, events, workshops etc. - initiating conversation, providing an opportunity for participants to think deeper about their experience
  • Organize and deliver guided tours of our exhibitions for schools and visiting groups
  • Assist in the delivery of workshops and staging of events under direction of the programming and operations team
  • Carry out experiments and demonstrations as part of exhibition or research programs running within the exhibition
  • Assist in the delivery and facilitation of off-site events
  • Take part in reviews, and critical reflections on performance, exhibitions and event seasons
  • Occasionally involved in blogging and social media where an interest has been identified

Qualities of a Mediator:

The Mediator program was founded upon the idea that Science Gallery is a space for conversation, for ideas to collide and opinions to be shared. Mediators like people - they do not necessarily have to be extroverts, but they should have an evident passion for science and the arts and be able to initiate and engage in open conversations with visitors where both parties can bring their knowledge to the table. In short, Mediators don't have to have all the answers, in fact, we don't want mediators to act like they are the smartest people in the room (even if they are!) 

Mediators are selected for the role because they are interested in the world around them, and in particular in the arts, science, and design. They are typically very interested in building SGLD, in what happens in a space where art and science meld in new and sometimes surprising ways, in what way the things they see/do/say/hear at SGLD might play out in the world, in subject areas outside of their personal interests, and in listening to and learning from others. 

Mediating is a very useful stepping stone on a pathway; young adults with a clear engagement with SGLD’s mission and vision and an ambition to use the unique skills and knowledge that they will gain here in their future endeavors are important. Science Gallery is much more interested in exploring rich questions together than having exactly correct answers. 

How to Apply:

Please fill out this form by April 15, 2018 at 11:59pm to indicate your interest in becoming a mediator. We expect to select candidates for interviews by April 25, and to conduct interviews April 26 - May 2, 2018.