Ice Chess

Catherine Sarah Young

A map of the Arctic labeled with indigenous communities and shipping routes serve as a chess board where the pieces are made from ice. Toy soldiers are placed inside of the ice sculptures, representing the emerging battle of the Arctic among the political and industrial figures that stand to gain from melting ice caps, the maritime routes, and the pawns that are sacrificed in order to achieve these parties' competing goals. Standing at the edge of the board are freestanding soldiers (not captured in ice) whose lives will be impacted by the melting, including other countries affected by sea level rise and other resulting climate impacts, observer countries of the Arctic, and other globally distributed concerned people.

About the contributor(s): 

Catherine Sarah Young is a Chinese-Filipina interdisciplinary artist, designer, and writer who creates works that investigate nature, our role in nature, and the tensions between nature and technology. Trained in molecular biology, contemporary art, and interaction design, she has various artistic bodies of work, investigating climate change (The Apocalypse Project), science and society (Wild Science), and Future Rx (sustainability). She has an international exhibition, awards, and fellowship profile and works with scientists, industry, and local communities, most recently in Berlin, Vienna, Beijing, and the Amazon. She writes science fiction and has been practicing taekwondo for more than twenty years.

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